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METRC Status Updates

  • SubmittedForTesting
    Samples have been submitted to testing lab and are awaiting test to be completed and results to be uploaded to METRC.
  • TestingInProgress
    At least two samples from a batch have been submitted to testing lab; typically packaged into two METRC Package ID’s for separate tests.  One result has been uploaded and the batch is awaiting tests to be completed and uploaded for the second test.

    Example:  Harvest or Production Batch 1234
    METRC Package ID Number 4056 submitted for Potency
    METRC Package ID Number 4057 submitted for Microbial Contamination

    4056 Potency results uploaded to METRC, waiting for 4057 Micro results to be uploaded once complete.
  • WaitingForConfirmation
    Initial test from batch failed.  Waiting for confirmation test results to be uploaded.

    Per Rule R1507, if the first test from a batch has failed a test, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to submit two additional tests to a second lab for analysis.  METRC’s back end was recently modified enforce this rule.  If a failed package is submitted back to the original lab for retesting, the WaitingForConfirmation message will remain in METRC for that batch.  It will remain in this state until a second lab uploads results.

    Note 1:  If you’re developing a formulation, you may consider preparing the package as R&D.  If you submit it as a regular test, you could find yourself with a batch that hangs up in METRC.

    Note 2:  Also consider related packages.  We’ve seen packages get hung up in METRC because it was linked to a related package that was stuck in WaitingForConfirmation.

    Product Type / Test Most Affected:
    Edibles / Potency-Homogeneity
    Concentrates / Residual Solvents
  • TestPassed
    Test passed and is ready for release for sale.
  • TestFailed
    Test failed.
  • Retest Pass
    Retest passed for both retested samples.
Updated on July 22, 2019

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